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DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES DHHS / DEPARTMENTAL APPEALS BOARD Form DAB-101 08/09 REQUEST FOR REVIEW OF ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE ALJ MEDICARE DECISION / DISMISSAL 1. APPELLANT the party requesting review 2. ALJ APPEAL NUMBER on the decision or dismissal 3. BENEFICIARY 4. HEALTH INSURANCE CLAIM NUMBER HICN If the request involves multiple claims or multiple beneficiaries attach a list of beneficiaries HICNs and any other information to identify all claims being appealed* 5. PROVIDER...
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Everybody I'm wolf here to answer them from this question what is dabbing dabbing is basically vaporizing oleoresin of cannabis it's a concentrated form now a really powerful cannabis plant is going to offer between 12 and 31% on the high end a really powerful concentrate is going to offer 94% on the high end 64 on the low end so you can see there's a huge difference in potency strength effect and your smoking only the active ingredient now why are people gonna down so we've seen people transition from smoking or bunch of various other methods of ingestion to concentrates or dabbing for multitude of reasons one of which is say you're an edible person who you know enjoys their edibles and eats a lot of them well the habit can become expensive because they're expensive to manufacture dabbing on the other hand offers let's do a comparison 100 milligram brownie versus a hint of a gram gap now that hundred milligram brownie will set in and anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours depending on your metabolism and what you've eaten with the edible the point 1 gram dab is going to set in literally on the exhale and let's say that that dab is 91% THC that means that you're getting 91 milligrams of THC instantaneously versus having to wait so let's say you're medicating and you're using this medicine to alleviate pain or paranoia or anxiety well I mean it's going to take effect instantaneously as opposed to having to wait an hour to an hour and a half to 2 hours depending on your body another benefit of smoking oleoresin zord abs would be that if you have say a sensitive stomach or intestines or kidney issues liver issues you're not going to put any burden on those because they're not processing any of the active greeting or the byproducts you're vaporizing without any carcinogen any smoke whatsoever that's as healthy as you can be what you need to know when you're purchasing concentrates so you go into the shop to buy your first set of concentrates you love your flower that's a good place to start know thyself is a good rule for concentrates you like Sour Diesel do you like OG Kush do you like Flo I mean what you like as a flower is only going to be intensified as a concentrate so that's a really good place to start go find yourself a shop that carries what you love get that concentrate and enjoy it if you're a sativa guy if you're an indica guy same thing look for a sativa look for an indica if you're a hybrid guy there's plenty of options out there especially from DAB tech another popular finish for pho is crumble or earwax now that's going to be along the same lines of shatter what you're looking for in color slight differences so really good ear wax can be more of a tan color as opposed to a bright bright gold or lemon that's still lemon or gold colors what you're looking for absolutely but it's rare to find in waxes you're going to want to make sure that it's not a taffy consistency most people don't prefer that peanut butter finish and generally it's...